Ice Angel

You never saw it coming.
It was unexpected.
Life was like a beautiful whirlwind
Exhilarating, chaotic, yet moving forward
with speed and with determination.
Then suddenly it creeps up on you.
In the wink of an eye and as graceful
as the flutter of a butterfly, everything,
Everything changes.
You feel it in your bones
You feel in in your soul
You never saw it coming
I never saw it coming
Then suddenly it  feels like I'm knocking on heaven's door.

Heaven, are you ready for me?
Heaven I'm not ready for you. Let this whirlwind spin on just a little longer.

Ice Angel [S. 2.1]

Ice Angel [S. 2.0]

Synopsis: There are some "gifts" we receive that we never bargained for (laughs). Of all things, for the holidays, I was given a bug of some sort: So here I am for the holidays battling an illness, but I am confident I will overcome it as I am rarely this ill.
The timing of this is terrible because there is soo much to do, shopping, posts, explore, more posts and I wanted to enjoy it all without an illness. Nevertheless, positivity is a beautiful recipe and I intend to indulge in it throughout all of this.

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Hͭaͪpͤpᶠyͣ ͥHͬʸoᵍlͦiͩdͩaͤˢyˢs

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This post was reviewed in 2017. Thank you for reading.

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