I'm A Unicorn...

Imagination is the beginning of creation.

I'm A Unicorn [S.1.1]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
  Facepalm Clothing Company   Random Evil "Unicorn"  by Taliah Darwin
Pimp My Face  Summer Glitter Heart Nails   by Lamia Huntress
     (Maitreya and Slink Appliers - 5 different colours or mix!)

Other Designers: 
MOoH! Belle Tip Toe Glitter Sneakers  by Delriada Delwood
ISON  Celen Jeans  by Harry Hyx
Truth Lela Hair by Truth Hawks

Event Key:
You may find ( ✠ ) at Jersey Shore 3 Event by Evil Bunny Productions [9th - 30th June]

I'm A Unicorn [S.1.0]

I am Tinkerbell... ...and these are... ...My adventures!

This post was reviewed in 2018. Thank you for reading.

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