We Are What We Are

We Are What We Are [S.1.0]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
  QE Home  Hanging Tapestry - So Deer  by Emmins13 Sygall for Syndicate Sunday
  QE Home  Throw Pillows - So Deer by Emmins13 Sygall for Syndicate Sunday
  QE Home  Ciruclar Rug - So Deer by Emmins13 Sygall for Syndicate Sunday

Noctis Lucrecia's Parlour Lamp/plum by Yelena Istmal  for Syndicate Sunday
Noctis Lucrecia's Hanging Lamp/plum by Yelena Istmal  for Syndicate Sunday

 Space Oddities All At Once by EmmaNess for Syndicate Sunday
 The Half Moon Market Claw-foot Side Tables Box by Heloise Ghostaltar for Syndicate Sunday

  Little 2 Large  Moon Lounger  by Zevyah for ATGH6
     (This lounger is animated with 9 sitting animations, the overhanging star is also interactive with light and particles.)
  Z.O.E.  Oars Wall Decor  by Zanne Boucher for ATGH6

 Lush  Glam Stool - Unicorn [Gacha] by Kayshla Aristocrat for The Gacha Life
  Khargo Light bulb picture frame tip jar [Gacha] by Keanu Kharg and Selkie Flatley for The Gacha Life

Event Key:
You may find (  )  in each respective store for  Syndicate Syndicate [1st- 3rd July]. SL Syndicate is a monthly discount shopping even beginning the 1st Sunday of every month for 72 hours, all items are priced 69L.
You may find ( ❥ ) at Around The Grid 6 Hunt by I&R's Hunt With Fun [13 Jul - 30 Sept]
You may find (  ) at The Gacha Life Event by Evil Bunny Productions [August Round]

I am Tinkerbell... ...and these are... ...My adventures!

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