Candy Canes [S.1.0]

Candy Canes [S.1.2]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
 Indulge Temptation  Sea Treasure Earrings by Aneanu
     (HINT: All I DESIRE is some lipstick.)
Trashed Tiki Top by Karma Maesar
     (HINT: Summer splashing and fun in the sun, oh no, oh dear, what have you done???)
Melange Inc Apple Bottom Jeans (applier) by TeenaMarie Bressig
     (HINT: Join us on Facebook!)

Other Designers: 
Asteria  Flower Necklace - Blue  by Kathrine Asteria
Wasabi  Mini Top Hat [gift]  by MissAllSunday Lemon
Indulge Temptation Mystery of Love Choker by Aneanu

Event Key:
You may find (  ) at Beached Bunny Hunt 8 Hunt by Evil Bunny Productions [3rd - 31st July]
Hunt Hints:

Candy Canes [S.1.3]

I am Tinkerbell... ...and these are... ...My adventures!

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