A Wish Upon A Star

A wish upon a star
Maybe that is all we are
A falling star to look forward to
A fading spark
Held within our hearts
Tucked away dreams
Blended in hope
Because that is what we are
Shooting stars waiting
To brighten someone's night

Wish Upon A Star [S.1.0]

Wish Upon A Star [S.1.3]

Wish Upon A Star [S.1.1]

Wish Upon A Star [S.1.2]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
 ❧  Sass Dress by MissSassySarah

Other Designers: 
Exile [Hair]
Exile [Hearts Hair Accessory]

Event Key:

You may find ( ❧ )  at Truth or Dare Affair 3 Event by Evil Bunny Productions [3-28 Feb]

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