Feel My Heartbeat

Feel My Heartbeat [S.1.2]

Feel My Heartbeat [S.1.1]

Feel My Heartbeat [S.1.0]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
❧ The Style Loft Peacock [Lingerie Set] by Kriskerz
The set includes bra, panty, robe and a colour changing HUD w/ 3 colours.

Rose Your Life Valentine Heart Paint by LadyRosabella

Other Designers: 

Maitreya [Pumps-High Feet]
Damselfly [Hair]

Sim Location: Japan Tempura Islands

Event Key:
You may find ( ❧ )  at Truth or Dare Affair 3 Event by Evil Bunny Productions [3-28 Feb]
You may find (  ❥ ) at Sealed With A Kiss Hunt by I&R's Fun With Hunts [1.28 Feb]

Feel My Heartbeat [S.1.3]

I am Tinkerbell... ...and these are... ...My adventures!

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