☽Day Dreamers☾

I close my eyes and think of you 
Open my eyes and you're still there
In the night I dream of you 
In the day I simply feel you 
Slowly crawling up my legs
Day DreamerS [S. 1. 0] 
Day DreamerS [S. 1. 1]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
Gypsy Sun Creations   Headband Skulls  by   Sunset Moonites
Sasheba's Closet  Mini Dress - Long in the TOOTH  by  Vicarious Lee
Wood Works Furniture and Home Decor  Spider Fright  by  Landru McCallen

* Arueil Rose Your Life  LNL] RYL Cryptgatcha Head Spider Rare 1  by LadyRosabella

Other Designers: 
Maitreya   Mesh Body Lara V 4. 1  by  Onyx LeShelle
Akeruka Creations Kumiko Bento Head << g i f t >> by KaoZ Koba
MODA Tessa Thigh High Boots by Eonla

You can find   at the Ghost Town Gacha Good Event [Oct 8th - 31st]
You can find  +  at  Bump In The Night Hunt  [Oct 1st - 31st]
I am Tinkerbell... ...and these are... ...My adventures!

This post was reviewed in 2017. Thank you for reading.

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