☽Save My Bones☾

I just want to live forever
Immortalize me
I just want to live forever 
Save my bones
Because I don't want to leave this place 
And maybe then 
I will live forever
Save my bones 
for my
Eternal Immortality

Save My Bones [S. 1. 0] 

Save My Bones [S. 1. 1]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
Go Frock Yourself  Skull Lamp  by  Ripley Rozenberg
Go Frock Yourself  Handy Bowl  by  Ripley Rozenberg
Go Frock Yourself  Ribcage Lamp  by  Ripley Rozenberg
Go Frock Yourself  Skeleton Candle  by  Ripley Rozenberg
Go Frock Yourself  Footed Vase  by  Ripley Rozenberg
Go Frock Yourself  Skeleton Hand End Table  by  Ripley Rozenberg
Go Frock Yourself  Skull Wreath-RARE  by  Ripley Rozenberg
Go Frock Yourself  Skeleton Coffee Table-RARE  by  Ripley Rozenberg

+ Low Prim Living  [LPL] Morticia Skeleton End Table Set  by  Lucretia Svenska 
+ Z.O.E.  Skull Candleholder   by  Zanne Boucher 
+ Hopes Creations  Skull face Tattoo Applier (Omega, Slink, Catwa, Lelutka)   by  HunniHope 

 Other Designers: 
EARTHWORX Pumpkin Bucket by LoganBrinley
Maya's Old Chest by Czikitka
Maya's  Bear Rug White by Czikitka
LAQ Decor Arm chair black by Winter Diprima

You can find   at the Ghost Town Gacha Good Event [Oct 8th - 31st]
You can find  +  at  Bump In The Night Hunt  [Oct 1st - 31st]
Save My Bones [S. 1. 4]

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