☽Secret Corners Of My Cottage☾

A little birdie told me so!

"Let's say a little birdie told me
that you're so very strong.
He said that you are suffering.
You have been for so long.

Your prayers are being answered
please listen as I speak.
I promise you'll survive this.
That's a promise I shall keep.

Your tears won't go unnoticed.
Those scars will disappear.
Remember what I've told you
when I cannot be here."

Extract from A Little Birdie Told Me by Mary Nagy
Secret Corners Of My Cottage [S. 1. 1]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
MOoH!  Blue owl  by  Dalriada Delwood
MOoH!  Blue owl ears  by  Dalriada Delwood
MOoH!  Grey owl  by  Dalriada Delwood

MOoH!  Pink owl ears  by  Dalriada Delwood

MOoH!   Tree Red  by  Dalriada Delwood

MOoH!  Tree Black owl  by  Dalriada Delwood
MOoH!  Tree Pink owl  by  Dalriada Delwood

MOoH!  Leaf pile fall  by  Dalriada Delwood

MOoH!  Leaf pile winter  by  Dalriada Delwood

MOoH!  Owl fence black RARE  by  Dalriada Delwood
MOoH!  Owl fence blue RARE  by  Dalriada Delwood

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☽Secret Corners Of My Cottage☾

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