☽✩☾ Strange Companions ☽✩☾

Say hello to my l i t t l e friend...

I walk a lonely desolate road
These steps I take, I take alone
But in the dead of the night
One cold autumn moon
I heard footsteps behind me
With every bite
"Another meal for me tonight" was all I thought
In a dark corner, this stranger I tried to lure
But there in the darkness saw I eyes that mirrored
this soul
and that was the beginning of our mad friendship

Say hello to my little friend I prey thee
For our eyes shall be the last you see!

Strange Companions [S. 1. 0] 

Strange Companions [S. 1. 1]

Rock stars of Second Life that made this possible:

Featured Designers:
      MOoH!  Leslie top laced  <>  by  Delriada Delwood
  MOoH!  Pippa shorts denims  by  Delriada Delwood
  MOoH!   Zula Shorts  by  Delriada Delwood

+ Lutra Story Co. Bump In the night Storyteller  by  LizbethBloodthorn 

 Other Designers: 
RealEvil Industries   Prix Necklace <>   by  crashnoww
Waldorf Design   Half Mandala Tattoo   by  ChantellBronx
Rezology   Boon <>  by  Selc
Maitreya   Mesh Body Lara V 4. 1  by  Onyx LeShelle
Genesis Lab  Kiana Bento Head < by  GenesisLab

You can find   at the Level Up   Event  [Oct 1st - 28th]
You can find  #  at The BOO Bunny Hunt   [Oct 3rd - 31st]
You can find  +  at Bump In The Night  Hunt  [Oct 1st - 31st]
Strange Companions [S. 1. 2]

I am Tinkerbell... ...and these are... ...My adventures!

This post was reviewed in 2017. Thank you for reading.

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